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Within the Indian Lake Association there exists a Lot Committee whose purpose is to approve and monitor construction within the confines of Indian Lake. Their mission is to assure that construction meets the Covenant requirements and preserves the quality of life by:

• Preserving the rustic and aesthetic nature of the community
• Maintaining privacy and tranquility
• Considering the health and safety of the community

There are very specific requirements that must be followed regarding the construction of or addition to a structure within the confines of Indian Lake. NO WORK MAY BE COMMENCED AND NO VEGETATION MAY BE CUT UNTIL LOT COMMITTEE APPROVAL IS OBTAINED. These requirements include, but are not limited to the time of year construction may be commenced, the size of the structure, the placement of the structure upon the lot, etc. Additionally, plans for the structure must be submitted to the Indian Lake Association Lot Committee for approval. THIS DOES NOT PRECLUDE ANY APPROVALS REQUIRED BY THE TOWN OF BECKET. (It should be noted that plans approved by Indian Lake are not necessarily approved by the Town of Becket and vice versa. In some respects the Covenants, Bylaws and Rules requirements of Indian Lake Associates may be more demanding and restrictive than Becket or State requirements).

The lot owner should read the Covenants and Restrictions ARTICLE VI (“LOT CONTROL”), and ARTICLE VII (“RESTRICTIONS”).

The lot owner must provide to the Indian Lake Association Lot Committee:

  • Plans showing the dimensions of the structure and its location on the lot;
  • Plans showing the location of the septic system and that a successful percolation test has been performed;
  • A signed Indian Lake Association “ILA Construction Checklist”;
  • A signed Indian Lake Association “Schedule of Inspections”;
  • A signed Indian Lake Association “Construction Deposit Agreement”;
  • A refundable construction deposit - the lesser of 3% of the builders asking price or $10,000; The money is used to insure compliance, and remedy any violations /damage that is not properly addressed by the lot/homeowner;
  • The deposit for all projects is $500 with a refund of any excess funds. It will be used to pay an independent agent to oversee compliance with a checklist that has been provided to the lot/homeowner;

The Indian Lake Association Lot Committee will:

  • Provide the “ILA Construction Checklist
  • Oversee each project from approval of plans through the completion;
  • Provide the independent agent who will oversee the entire construction project and will provide input to the committee as to the successful completion of a construction phase prior to the next phase beginning;


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