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Overview of the Indian Lake governing documents:

The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions ("Covenants") is the basic governing document of the Indian Lake community. Through the Covenants, each lot owner commits to honor the restrictions contained in the document. This protects all lot owners by restricting acts which may adversely impact property values and quality of life such as privacy setbacks, dumping debris on your property (e.g. trash or junk cars), raising animals for commercial purposes, etc. The Covenants create the Indian Lake Association, Inc. ("Association"), a non-for-profit homeowners association, to which all lot owners are members.

The Bylaws is a document that establishes procedures for the community's governance as an Association including enforcement of the restrictions in the Covenants.

The Rules and Regulations are additional governance which is adopted by the Association's Board of Directors to supplement the Covenants/Bylaws as to the use of lots and the use of common land. This includes by reference rules related to building construction and tennis rules.

All lot owners and prospective lot owners are urged to read these governing documents.



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