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Tennis Rules-2009
  1. Sign-up starts at 7:45 AM sharp on the day of play.  Only Indian Lake Association members and their guests may play between 8 AM and noon.  Any conflicts at Sign-up time should be resolved by drawing lots. Names of all players should be listed on the board by using the attached crayon-pencil to write on the Plexiglas, not the paper itself.  After 11 AM Indian Lake Association members may sign up for additional time, beginning with 12 noon. If there is unclaimed time before noon, an owner who has already played may use that additional time. But if an owner who has not played arrives and wishes to play at that time, then the court must be relinquished.    
  2. The use of the tennis courts is exclusively for Indian Lake Association members and guests. Houseguests unaccompanied by a homeowner may not play before 12 noon on weekdays and 2 PM on weekends and holidays. Guests of an Indian Lake Association lot owner must always be accompanied by the owner.
  3. Weekend & Holiday Play time is one hour beginning on the hour for both singles and doubles. (The one-hour schedule also applies to Fridays and Mondays book ending Memorial Day, Labor Day and the July 4th weekend --  when it occurs on a weekend.)
    Week Day Play Time for both singles and doubles is one-and-a-half hours.
  4. Court time begins promptly.  The court is considered available if the parties that signed up are 10 minutes late.
  5. The courts must be swept and lines brushed at the end of play. Players are reminded to pick up any containers or debris and put them in the plastic can outside the gate. The last to leave must lock the gate. Indian Lake Association members must not give the lock combination to any non-owner.

We do not maintain a paid caretaker for the courts. We are all caretakers. So please be considerate. Do not allow any child to play or ride a bike on the court (this has happened) or dispose of diapers in the trash (this also has happened). Do not allow anyone to play who is not wearing tennis shoes. And when you see that the trash bag at the gate is full, please take it out of the can and dispose of it with your own trash. Pitch in! Thanks.

Enjoy the Courts - Protect this asset
Be considerate of your fellow Indian Lake Members!!!


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